Book Review: The Castle of Llyr

We’ve passed book three of the five books in the Chronicles of Prydain series. My kids loved the first two – did The Castle of Llyr live up to its predecessors? YES!

The books so far have revolved around two main characters: Taran and Eilonwy. They’ve been joined by others but the core of the story follows these two. This book introduced the theme that the characters are growing up; crossing a line into adulthood – somewhat reluctantly at first – but one cannot stop the passage of time. We also got a real sense that there might be something between these two characters beyond friendship. So this tale still has the excitement, journey and fight scenes that we loved in the first two. But there are definitely some more subtle themes being introduced. Did that make the kids like it any less?

E (9yo): This was my favorite book so far! I give it an A+! It was all about my favorite character, Eilonwy. I especially liked the last third of the book that happened in the castle… when they finally found Eilonwy and then she was under the spell. Oh it was so good!

J (6yo): I think this was an A book but not my favorite, and if Taran ends up kissing Eilonwy soon I will be GROSSED OUT. My favorite part of this book was when the castle was falling apart and they were all running away as fast as they could.

We’ve started the fourth book and I think it’s a testament to these stories that my kids cannot wait to get from one book to the next. The books are fun to read aloud. Introduce some fantastic characters and every day they bring laughter, gasps and cheers. I can’t recommend this series highly enough.

What is the Breakfast Book idea? I believe there’s value in reading aloud to my kids at all ages. I used to read aloud to them at night. But as they got older their bedtimes got staggered, practices and homework happen and sitting down together to read to all of them wasn’t happening. I decided to try reading a chapter to them all during breakfast and it has been a big success in many ways. Want to see all our book selections so far? Click on the Breakfast Book category on the right side of this page.


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