posting the quarantine sign

Welcome to the house of sickness. It all started about nine days ago when E came down with a nasty cough/constant headache thing. It hasn’t gone away on its own so I’m actually caving and taking her to the doctor today. I’ll be getting two bangs for my buck on this visit because J has had a low fever since Monday which includes a sore throat, occasional vomiting, very little appetite and some marathon naps (he slept for 6 hours Tuesday!!!!!)

By Tuesday night I was down with some sort of no-fun-at-all intestinal bug. No dashes to the bathroom thank goodness but all around weakness, feeling miserable and certainly no appetite. I’m feeling just about back to normal today but my husband woke up with a terrible head cold.

I told K that she & I are going to get a hotel room for the rest of the week. Especially because her last swim meet is Saturday morning and she’s hoping to make at least one divisional cut. And I am scheduled to do an indoor triathlon on Sunday morning. You cannot imagine how often I’m wiping things down with disinfectant and spraying Lysol around here.

On a totally different note – I reviewed my favorite cookbooks on my food blog. So those of you that still have an appetite, go on over there and find something to make for dinner.


2 thoughts on “posting the quarantine sign

  1. I don’t know that you can run very far, we have the same thing in CA. Went through three people in our house and finally had to get Ru antibiotics to kill it. She ran a fever off and on for two weeks. Hope everyone is getting better soon.

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