but it’s a pet

My daughter wants to bring crayfish home. Her science class has been doing ‘investigations’ on the crayfish for about a month or so and now they are looking for a few good homes.

I found that image above on a website that sells crayfish traps - because they are often considered PESTS.

Such an attractive pet. I’m sure the interactions between the pet owner and crayfish are so very meaningful too. And for such a small thing it requires a bit of work:
– You must have two basins for the crayfish – one that is their home basin (with ample, clean cool, non tap water) and one that is their food basin.
– To feed them you must move them into their food basin and leave them there with one piece of broken up cat food for about half an hour. This must be done 2-3 times a week.
– They also require some sort of aquatic plant – which is also a food source – to be in their home basin but don’t you dare let any other food in their home. That would contaminate their whole little ecosystem.
– While they are in the food basin you get to clean out the home basin because if you don’t clean it out every two days it will start to smell.
– They also need some sort of shelter to hide inside (they suggest a small flower pot cut in half) and then they will have a long happy life. (which is approx two years)

If I really wanted to scar her I’d tell her to bring them all home and we’d have a crawfish boil.


4 thoughts on “but it’s a pet

  1. If you really wanted to traumatize her you could go to paula deans website (for example) and watch her do one. Then you could get her a celebratory shirt that says “Suck the head, Eat the tail! ” which btw decorated every fraternity guy i knew in the south sometime in the 90’s. lol

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