to vacation or not to vacation

We are on a self-imposed spending freeze around here. Nothing dramatic has changed in our employment status thank goodness, but it’s time to batten down the hatches. From time to time it’s good to step back, look at some long term goals and adjust our spending accordingly. The question is how tightly do I need to hammer down?

See, spring break is in a few weeks and while I wasn’t planning an extravagant beach vacation (though wouldn’t that be fun??) I was hoping to do a road trip down south to a friend’s house. Probably wouldn’t involve hotels but it is a long enough road trip that we’ll be buying quite a bit of gas – at $3.50 a gallon no less. I’ll pack a cooler with food but I’ll still need to buy dinner on the road. And I’ve got at least one day planned in New Orleans which certainly would cost some money. I added it up this morning and conservatively I’m looking at $600-$750 for this trip. Suddenly my frugal vacation doesn’t seem so frugal.

I think I’m going to have to be the grown up in this situation and say that we need to stay at home. I could still do some day trips and take advantage of our museum memberships. Even if I went all the way to Indy for the day I could see friends, do a free activity and just pay for the outrageous gas. (and perhaps some cupcakes) But honestly, even that would end up costing more than $100 before we got home.

Damn, being a responsible adult just isn’t very fun sometimes.


2 thoughts on “to vacation or not to vacation

  1. this is my predicament too. Just going into Chicago is going to cost a tank of gas. 35 gallon tank at $3.0 a gallon. plus parking… plus food. *sigh*
    I know, lets have a crawfish boil in your backyard! lol there is your New orleans for you!!!

  2. This sounds really really familiar…..
    Maybe I’ll just hang out in a tanning bed during spring break and call it a vacation 🙂

    But, seriously (and without skin cancer, I hope), the cost of gas is making me re-think even driving to work and back every day.

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