worn out

12: days since I’ve taken a day off and not billed any work hours

16: miles for my week’s running total (after today) and considering I’ve been doing 10 miles a week (if that) I can see why my body is just a little on the tired side

2: funerals I’ve attended this week in support of friends who have lost people dear to them

21: girl scout cookies I’ve eaten this week looking for small sugar rushes

64: minutes spent folding laundry Wednesday night. And there are now two more loads waiting for me.

0: minutes that I’ve spent vacuuming, mopping, dusting, cleaning… and that number is almost the most stressful of all because it means every where I look I see something that needs to be done

This week has worn me out. I typically ease into training for a big event but this week I literally leaped. I know that my body will adjust, it’s going to be tired for a while but it will adjust. I’ve been putting in extra hours working which means I don’t have as much time to do house chores, play with my children or relax. The lack of downtime might be wearing me out just as much as the running. I’ve had extra emotional caretaking to do for some people in my life. I’ve had some additional stresses weighing on my brain and interrupting my sleep. I guess what I’m getting at is that this has been one looooong week! So here are the numbers I’m going to try and focus on this weekend:

3: silly, active kids
1: stressed out, patient husband
5: hours of relaxing and playing games and just having fun (maybe even more!)

I’m going to try to find some quiet and some rest. I’m going to try to recenter myself. I’m going to refocus my energies.


2 thoughts on “worn out

  1. 4-# of happy, well adjusted, much loved people in your house that just don’t care about the cleaning.
    You get yourself into your rhythem of training and the rest will take care of itself…Noone there is keeping score. And the cookie thing, knock it off. That only comes to 3 cookies a day. cookies a day-16 miles in a week=no big deal….
    silly lady.

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