because I said so

Q: How many bites do I have to eat?
A: All of it – every bite that I put on your plate is what you should eat.

Q: Why do we have homework anyway?
A: Because your teachers like to torture you – they take an oath when they graduate to make their students’ lives miserable forever & ever.

Q: Why can’t I try another dance class?
A: Because I just started paying for one dance class and last time I checked, that money tree isn’t growing in our backyard.

Q: Does it hurt when this nerf bullet hits you?
A: Not so much, but if it comes flying at me again while I’m trying to work I can promise it will hurt you.

Q: Can I wear shorts to school?
A: It’s 30 degrees outside, NO.
Q: Then do I have to wear my coat?
A: Let’s see we walk to school and, again, it’s 30 DEGREES – so YES.

Q: Can we please play wrestling?
A: No, someone always ends up crying.
Q: We promise no one will get hurt – please??
A: You can’t promise that. You can’t wrestle.
Q: Come on, why not?
A: Because I said so.

Just a little glimpse into my week. Between the miles of running, the piles of laundry and the mountain of work – this is what I have filling my day.

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