I’m officially nuts

My husband and I gave up alcohol for Lent.

I’m going to let that sink in for a minute… … … …

I’m a week into Lent and I’m telling you right now this is RIDICULOUS! Oh sure, I’ve given up alcohol for longer than 40 days (hello, three pregnancies) but I honestly don’t remember it being so hard. Must have been the pregnancy hormones filling me with happy thoughts or something. Because now? Now I’m saying it’s hard.

Because as the mother of three children who at any given moment are eye-rolling, throwing tantrums, yelling at each other, shooting Nerf darts at me, whining, stomping, door slamming, fighting, making messes – – – I could really use a glass of wine at the end of the day.

Because as the teacher of religious education, volunteer school library helper, girl scout cookie mom, YMCA board member, driver of children to activities & sports and all-around pitch in person – – – I could really use a beer at the end of the day.

Because as a person who wants so much to run a marathon this spring and yet is facing an uncertain training schedule because of back problems which means I’m in constant pain and literally cannot get comfortable sitting, standing or sleeping (as if I’m sleeping) – – – I could really use a glass of wine at the end of the day.

Because as a person who works from home, who has had an unusual number of tough deadlines lately, all while maintaining laundry, house cleaning, food cooking & errand running – – – I could really use a margarita now & then.

Sigh… At least we all know that this is a Lenten abstinence truly serving as a reminder of the season.


3 thoughts on “I’m officially nuts

  1. Can you really be “officially nuts” if you know you are? Wouldn’t your admittance of your nuttiness be proof you’re sane? Then again, maybe you’re sane enough to know you’re not!

    Anyway, thanks for the reminder that when we give up something, it should be something meaningful. Christ gave up His divinity for thirty-something years to accomplish what was important. Kinda makes giving up something for forty days seem easy. It’s interesting how small our sacrifices become when compared to the infinite sacrifice of God on the Cross.



    1. True – my sacrifice (even when it seems ridiculously hard) is only a reminder of a much larger one.

      Thanks for the laugh on questioning my sanity!

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