the spring break staycation

As I alluded a few weeks ago, we are not taking any trips over the kids’ spring break in order to save some money. The kids have gotten over their disappointment and are now looking to me with eager eyes. See – they are expecting me to come up with some sort of adventure each day of break. Why do they have such high expectations? Because in the past I’ve come up with an adventure a day whenever they are home on a break from school.

Sigh… these things seem like such good ideas at the time but the next thing you know, I’m obligated to keep up with my own ‘quick like a bunny’ lifestyle.

Spring Break starts next week and I need to come up with five adventures that are as cheap as possible. (I’m not counting the weekends) Here’s what I’ve got so far:

1. Trip to their favorite park. It costs $4 to get in to this county park and usually I’m too cheap to do that when there are plenty of free parks around – but for a spring break adventure it fits the bill.
2. Hike either along the dunes or in a nearby arboretum or some other set of trails that would be fun and adventuresome.
3. Use those museum memberships! We’ll hit either Museum of Science & Industry OR Field Museum next week. Or heck, maybe I’ll bust out all the stops and we’ll do both!
4. I’ve got a trip to the top of Willis Tower in my back pocket. Something we’ve never done but always wanted to do. Problem is this will cost us $56 just for tickets and we’ll have to pay for downtown parking too. Not such a low cost adventure.

I need at least one more… a library visit probably isn’t going to cut it. Maybe a trip to Dairy Queen? An afternoon movie (except I don’t think there’s anything out we want to see)? Open swim at the Y?

Five days and counting before I pull out all the stops and amaze them with our nearby resources!


2 thoughts on “the spring break staycation

  1. but the willis building (sears tower,aren’t you FROM this area? ;)) Is sooooo cool, Pick a sunnier day for it. I bet you could take the train in, cheaper than parking, and the whole thing will still cost less than a trip to ANYWHERE with these gas prices. I also think I have seen some online discounts for those tickets somewhere…I think gnomeo and juliet is at the scooby doo theater in town. Go to the dairy queen in cedar lake because you can sit on the lake and look out (just for a change of scenery). I think the rest of your ideas sound great, Now if only the weather will participate!

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