a constant hunger

My body has settled into training. How do I know this? It’s not just because the legs are only getting tired on the long days. It’s not just because my back is settling into a rhythm. It’s not just because I don’t want to throw up at the thought of a 10 mile run. It’s because I’m hungry all. the. time.

I’m not much of a calorie counter – but I know from past experiences that I eat approx 1600 calories a day. I just looked back at my Garmin feedback and on my running days (which are four times a week) I’m burning anywhere from 800-1200 calories per day. And I’m not even at the super long runs yet – once I get to those I’ll be burning more calories than I eat in a day. So logically it’s no wonder that I’m hungry.

Practically, however, it’s kind of driving me nuts. I’m not usually hungry right after I run – especially after a long run. It takes about an hour before I feel like eating, and then I am starving. Take yesterday for example. I did a 30 minute swim in the morning followed immediately by a 3 mile interval run. I was fine for about 90 minutes and then I couldn’t wait to eat something. I had a bowl of barley soup for lunch. Two hours later my stomach was rumbling, I ate a slice of deli ham with a slice of pepper jack cheese. Two hours later I was making the kids dinner and ended up eating two small slices of pizza. Then two hours after that I made a late dinner for my husband and I. Whew – that’s kind of a lot of food.

Apparently marathon training is giving me the appetite of a teenage boy.

2 thoughts on “a constant hunger

  1. Oh I miss that…..
    I also miss being in college and running a 13 miler on a Sat. and stopping at McDonald’s for breakfast and eating 2 suasage mcmuffins, dipped in syrup and 2 hash browns. And then completely burning off those calories lickity split…..

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