spring break: the good and the bad

My Twitter and Facebook friends are all aflutter sharing their Spring Break photos. Time by the pool. Hanging out with Mickey. Going on roller coasters. Walking along the beach. Me? I’m doing Spring Break on the Cheap and it’s got its good points and bad points.

The good? We’re saving money but still having plenty of fun right here near home. Yesterday we kicked things off by traveling (see we left town!) to a near-by YMCA that has a water slide and a splash park at their indoor pool. Except for the cost of gas the trip was completely free and we all had a really fun time.

The bad? I have to squeeze a ridiculous amount of tasks into my mornings so that these afternoon adventures can happen. Take yesterday for example:
– 5:45: get up & go through emails, grab a light breakfast
– 6:40: out the door for a 6+ mile run
– 8:00: feed the youngest (the only one who can’t quite reach everything to make his own breakfast) and take a quick shower so I’m not shivering for…
– 8:30: conference call that lasted about an hour
– 9:30: realize that there is no food in the house for lunch, create a grocery list for the week and get shopping done. I have just enough time to unpack the perishable food before…
– 10:30: chiropractor appointment (a must during the marathon training, esp since I hurt my back so badly a couple weeks ago)
– 11:12: got home and jumped in a little late for another conference call
– 11:45: packing lunches and swim bag so we could get to open swim (note: the groceries were still in bags on the counter when we left)
– 3:00: return home from fun swimming and sliding adventure, notice my husband came home for lunch and put away the rest of the groceries, settle into a short afternoon of work & laundry while blocking out the sounds of children occasionally fighting

Whew! Today is much the same. I went out for a run at 5:45 and will jam in yet another conference call, a little bit of work, breakfast, a much-needed shower and getting dinner in the crock pot before we leave at 11am.

This Spring Break on the cheap might just be more exhausting than traveling anywhere!


2 thoughts on “spring break: the good and the bad

  1. My first day of break consisted of my heading back out your way for PT and then even further west for a dr. appointment where I waited for 2 hours for a 5 minute appointment. And the Mr. was driving the oldest to Ohio. But, the boys got to play with their cousins all day so they were thrilled.

    Today…..humm…….resting? 😉
    Tomorrow, I think we are going to the field museum for our adventure of the week.
    We were also hoping for some golfing but I think it is not going to warm up enough for that.

    1. Resting after PT is good 🙂 Today we are hitting the Museum of Science & Industry. I believe Thurs we’ll be in your neck of the woods hiking Coffee Creek. Hoping it warms up enough that we don’t need to wear scarves & hats that afternoon!

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