guilty pleasures

Happy to report that my kids are very much enjoying their spring break staycation. They get to sleep in, lay around all morning and watch TV or play the Wii – because I’m so busy I don’t care and it IS a vacation for them right? Then they get to participate in whatever adventure I’ve dreamed up for the day. Throw in some friends sleeping over and staying up late and this might rank as one of their favorite weeks of the year. Which is good because it’s got me spending time thinking of what I can do to give myself a break. I feel like I’m under the gun from the second I wake up and yesterday on the drive home from the Museum of Science & Industry I found myself daydreaming of guilty pleasures. Those little things that bring such a sense of satisfaction or relaxation that they make you feel guilty just for having them. Things like…

  • really good chocolate
  • sneaking away somewhere quiet to read a good book
  • cozy socks
  • the feel of a handmade afghan on your lap when curled up on the couch
  • a large McDonald’s diet coke
  • sleeping until you wake up all on your own
  • sitting on the shores of Lake Michigan with warm sun on your skin and sand in your toes

Not all of those are possible today but maybe I can sneak just one in to give myself a mini-break during this spring break extravaganza. Got anything I should add?


2 thoughts on “guilty pleasures

  1. for me it would be just quiet. quiet from the coughing, from the fighting,from the t.v full of cartoons all day long, quiet from the mario brothers music. Just quiet. lol. How many more days until school starts? I am going to do that diet coke one. That sounds perfect.

  2. I am sooo waiting for that last one.
    On the first week day above 75 degrees and sunny, there may or may not be a sick day taken in which I will come back with more skin color that before my sick day.

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