March Madness – Butler style

Once upon a time my family lived in a lovely city called Indianapolis. We were less than 10 miles from all the fun downtown has to offer – museums, zoo, theater. We were within minutes of fantastic shopping and restaurants galore. And we were just five miles from the campus of Butler University. (That means if I was a runner back then, heading to campus would have been one of my regular routes. But I wasn’t and I digress.)

In our time in Indy my husband decided to pursue his MBA. He had plenty of choices of programs but he chose Butler’s. And thus, our Butler connection was born. Before that we only had an occasional relationship with Butler – we’d attend shows at Clowes Hall and hit a game or two at Hinkle Fieldhouse. Once we started paying our hard-earned dollars to the University though it was a little different. Butler gear started showing up in our house. Those occasional games at Hinkle became a little more regular – in fact, we were considering buying season basketball tickets before we moved away.

So now that Butler is in the final game of the NCAA basketball tournament… for the second year in a row… our house is legitimately excited. We’ve got a connection to this school. Everyone in the house already has Butler shirts to wear with pride. We live in the state of Indiana where basketball is truly something special. And it’s so exciting that we’re still cheering for one of our teams the first weekend in April.

There’s no bandwagon jumping going on here – we are Butler fans. For those of you who don’t follow Brad Stevens, Matt Howard, Shelvin Mack and the boys all year, we are happy to serve as your Bulldog connection. We’ll have the game on tonight and you’re welcome to stop by and cheer with us. GO DAWGS!!


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