chalk town

There’s a chalk town on my driveway. A sure sign of spring if ever there was one. We have a very wide driveway, a perfect canvas for all sorts of chalk creations. We’ve created scooter racetracks on the driveway. Landscapes, animals, dragons, the longest hopscotches in the world and giant crosswords – they’ve all been designed on my driveway.

The current town starts at my front door with parking spaces for each resident of the town – there are only three of them. Then there’s a nice wide pink & blue road leading down our front sidewalk to the main attraction, the pool. This is a town that takes great pride in its water recreation. The pool is almost two car-widths wide. It’s a wave pool – in case you can’t tell from the wave-like drawings in the middle of it. It has two diving boards AND a hot tub. It’s connected by a short walkway to the zoo.

Apparently the town manager also has plans for a shopping mall, a grocery store and a couple skyscrapers. Good thing it’s going to be sunny for another day or two. That’s a lot of work in a very impermanent medium.

It makes me happy that even as the kids get older, this is one simple, outdoor, together or individual activity that is still fun. I think some chalk might sneak its way into my cart today at the craft store.


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