the words you don’t want to hear when marathon training

You need an MRI.

That’s what the podiatrist told me last Tuesday when I went to see her because of ankle pain. I was so good this time – I felt an unusually sharp pain in my ankle on Friday’s run, rested and iced all weekend but it still hurt so I went straight to the doctor. And she sent me straight to the MRI machine.

I spent the rest of last week convincing myself that it was going to be okay. That if I couldn’t run this marathon there would be another marathon for me. But behind all of that, all I could think was that I wasn’t sure I could gear myself up again. I’m past the halfway part of training and I’m here to tell you that this is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.

Certainly the hardest thing I’ve ever voluntarily done. And I’m honestly not sure I have it in me to push through to this point again. But in the big picture I knew it was going to be okay – whether I got the go ahead to run or was told to stop immediately I’d still be okay. I’m still healthy, with a healthy family and a nice warm house and a big kitchen in which I cook for my family. In the big picture it was all good.

But I really wanted to run.

MRI results came back Friday morning. The long story: I ruptured a band of tissue that holds together my tendons and muscle in my ankle. There is plenty of inflammation but not in a bad place and all the important stuff is fully intact. In an ideal world I’d rest it to heal. In a training world I’ll keep running and eventually it will still heal, just a little more stretched out but with no long term bad effects. And, yes, that’s really what the doctor told me.

The short story? The doctor told me to “go forth and conquer.” I’m sending in the registration today. June 4, 2011 – Marathon Day.


2 thoughts on “the words you don’t want to hear when marathon training

  1. Ahh…. I’m a bit of an ankle-pain veteran. I’m glad your injury will still allow you to run your marathon! That’s an amazing accomplishment!

  2. Whew! I am so glad it is something you can just push through, especially when you are that close!

    Alleve…..Alleve got me through my last half marathon, even with apparently torn cartilage and ligaments 🙂

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