talking about the Easter Bunny

A very serious discussion happened at my house this week. It was about the Easter Bunny. My fun, adorable nieces are coming (along with their fun if not quite so adorable parents) for the Easter holiday. We needed to make sure that the Easter Bunny would be able to find the girls. Good news, it didn’t long for the kids and I to decide that he wouldn’t have any problems delivering goodies to them.

Next thing I knew, all three kids had launched into a discussion of just how the Easter Bunny gets in the house. I chimed in that maybe he uses the chimney like Santa. Uhhhh no way – his fur would get all dirty, geesh. More likely possibilities include the fact that he can shrink himself to the size of a gnat and squeeze in anywhere. Or that he might have a helper that slips in through keyholes and opens the door for him. Or he might even have the ability to walk through walls.

I’m not sure what they decided really because I was working so hard to keep a straight face. Of all the myths and fun fantasies we give our children, the Easter Bunny is the one I’ve never quite understood. It seems so completely unbelievable – yes even compared to flying reindeer. I mean, who in their right mind thought of the genetic nightmare that is an enormously over-sized rabbit? And then decided that rabbit – an animal without opposable thumbs mind you – could put together baskets full of toys & goodies? You don’t even have to be good for this basket to show up – there’s never rumors of a basket full of coal for bad little boys and girls. He just appears and leaves presents.

The few times we’ve gone to events where the Easter Bunny made an appearance my children all called his bluff as being some person in a costume. And yet, they have all been perfectly happy to suspend their senses and believe that a gigantic animal creates a present just for them and then breaks into our house to deliver it.

I like chocolate eggs as much as the next gal but that Easter Bunny creeps me out.


One thought on “talking about the Easter Bunny

  1. I just had the same conversation with actually adults because I often wondered myself how this came about or how he or she did the breaking in hehe…. I now have a daughter who will be 2 and I’ve been trying to make fun things but still is there a real story? On a side note I just today on good Friday stopped at a local hallmark store and they had a bunny key to let the bunny in so we don’t have to make the kids think he breaks in I suppose kind of like the key that they have for those of us who do not have a chimney for Santa…. But I’m glad other people have the same thoughts….

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