Good Friday graces

It’s Good Friday. Probably one of the most solemn days of the year for Christians. In some places you will hear the bells tolling this afternoon reminding us all of Jesus dying on the cross. It is the middle of the three holiest days of the year. And the Masses for these three days muster up all the pomp and circumstance the Catholic church can offer. They are beautiful really. (unless you are a 6yo boy and then they are interminably long and the smell of the incense is like torture I tell you.)

But in the midst of all the seriousness, the empty tabernacle, the bare altar and the knowledge of the suffering that happened on this day there is a core of unbelievable love. A love so great it is hard to fathom. And on this Good Friday I am in awe of the gift of that love. So today I will focus on the many gifts that are all around me and so easy to overlook in my quick like a bunny days:

– small blooms of flowers stubbornly opening even in the face of temps below 45 and gusting winds
– a boy who asked me to read his bedtime stories snuggled up in bed last night
– a rare day of sunshine in the middle of a string of rainy, cold and gloomy days
– friends who willingly run 6-12 miles with me when the only thing they are training for is running with me on marathon day
– friendship bread
– new recipes to cook and a family to gather in my home on Easter Sunday


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