the season of Easter

I say it to my religious education class every year – Easter is more than a day it’s a season. And shouldn’t it be? What Jesus did for us is so amazing it deserves more than one day of celebrating. At least that is how I’m going to justify eating those chocolate covered oreos and iced shortbread cookies later today. I burned 1600 calories running Saturday and I’m pretty sure I consumed twice that before noon on Sunday. But we were celebrating! And I want to keep the Easter joy flowing – so how do you celebrate Easter for the 50 days between now and Pentecost?

1. sing Alleluia with a little more joy and oomph than usual on Sundays – or heck on any days, I might just start singing it at the end of each of my long runs

2. don’t feel guilty eating those chocolate eggs or other goodies – you are celebrating God’s triumph over death for goodness sake!

3. keep the Easter decorations up a little longer than usual, I will likely put the bunnies & such away this week but the Easter cross and He Is Risen banner will stay up much longer

4. find more excuses to make brunch

5. send the kids on a hunt every morning – who says hunting for missing socks or lunch boxes can’t be just as fun as seeking Easter baskets?

Doesn’t Monday seem a little bit nicer when you think of it as still being part of this joyful holiday? Happy Easter!

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