the royal wedding

I remember getting up before dawn to watch Princess Diana and Prince Charles get married. I remember my 9yo self sitting in front of the television, watching all the finery – the fancy cars, all the flower girls, a real royal family and that dress. I will never forget that dress. I spent the next year drawing pictures over and over of that wedding dress. It was the train that really got me – watching her walk down the aisle with that loooooong train trailing behind her. It was such a strong memory that when I got married and started shopping for my own dress it was a requirement that it have the longest train in the store. Mine wasn’t nearly as fantastic as Princess Di’s but in the wedding video people’s heads all drop and watch my train as I walk by so I had a good, long one. It took my poor friends and sister forever to get it all bustled up afterwards too. But I had to have that train.

There’s another royal wedding coming up this week (as if you could possibly avoid knowing that). And I have a 9yo daughter who also loves all things having to do with girls, princesses, dresses and weddings. I can’t wait to watch the wedding with her! There’s only one dilemma…. do we wake up at 4:30am to watch it live or do we just set the DVR and watch it later in the day.

It’s a school day so there is something to be said for letting her get her sleep. But there is also something to be said about the memory of getting up in the dark of the morning to watch something happening halfway around the globe. To see all that pomp and circumstance and fancy clothes and horse-drawn carriages live.

I just can’t decide!

2 thoughts on “the royal wedding

  1. I vote you wake up early and watch it. I’ve had the same internal battle over here – why wake up so early (and drive to MI and find childcare for the kids) when you can watch it later? But it’s the life experience and the memory, isn’t it?

    In my opinion, it’s the equivalent of “Why sign up for the race when you can run the miles by yourself?” Because you’ll remember and treasure the experience!

    So get some tea, make some scones and wake up, wake up, wake up!

  2. I remember how excited you were and the thrill of watching it live. All you could talk about was the train and the dress (: I would vote you get up and share the memory.

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