he always makes me smile

For Christmas I received a garden gnome wearing some IU clothing. You can see him up there in the blog header, I’ve decided to tuck him into each monthly blog header this year just for fun. While waiting for warmer weather I’ve been putting him in various spots around the house because I think he’s cute and he makes me smile. Back in February I had him on a little table that you can see when you walk in the front door and at some point he took a tumble and knocked off the tip of his hat. It was in such tiny pieces that I couldn’t repair it. But he survived.

Then this weekend he was involved in a terrible accident. There were monster trucks and skateboard ramps involved. (and young boys but I’m not pointing fingers) And next thing I know poor IU gnome is lying on his back with both of his legs completely sheared off. It’s hard to stand sentinel as a garden gnome when your oversized feet are no longer attached to your body.

I’ve got him laid up in the kitchen right now slathered with super glue. If he makes it, he’ll continue with his monthly photo appearances. Either way, there are too many holes for him to ever stay outside. I wonder if he’s sad that his purpose in life is now impossible to pursue.

Poor little garden gnome – they say he didn’t even see the matchbox truck flying through the air straight at him.

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