lessons learned at the ball park

We’re only two weeks into the Little League lesson but I think all three kids are starting to learn some solid life lessons:

1. Those piggy banks are worth something after all. Coins go a long way at the Little League concession stand.

2. Not just scouts are always prepared – good baseball fans are too. Warm coats, blankets and gloves can make a big difference in your comfort level, even in the month of May. (A related lesson? You should listen to your mother when she tells you what to wear/bring to the ball park.)

3. Mantras help you focus. Yelling hey batter, batter helps you pay more attention to the game.

4. Keep your eye on the ball. Well, that literally means keep your eye on the ball – you’ll be sorry if you don’t.

5. Baseball is a social game. Both on and off the field, there’s always someone to talk to at a baseball game.

6. It’s important to have the right accessories. Fine… equipment if we’re talking about gloves and bats but I’m also talking choice of attire. Last night we played a team that included a girl and she wore the cutest pink plaid coat over her uniform – you just don’t see a pink plaid coat up to bat very often, I wish I had my camera with me.

7. Hand-eye coordination is an important skill. Yes, it makes a big difference when you’re up to bat but it also helps you not spill nacho cheese sauce all over your uniform when trying to prevent your big sister from eating one of your chips. Let’s just say that we need to work on all aspects of our hand-eye coordination.

8. Everyone should have a pair of black pants. Black baseball pants in particular make a Little Leaguer’s laundry much easier to clean.

9. Label your stuff. Writing your name on your things makes them much easier to find in the dugout.

10. Have fun. Even when it’s raining and cold. Even when you don’t get a hit. No matter what you’re doing in life if you can have fun doing it you’ll be a happier person.


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