I’m going to play hooky

I’ve been a very faithful trainee this spring. Since the last week in February I’ve logged more than 300 miles in my running log. At least once each week I’ve lifted weights and done some lap swimming. Week in, week out I’ve followed my schedule. Last week my schedule started tapering off. I still ran over 25 miles last week but it wasn’t as intense as the previous four weeks. And I’ve dropped the weight program for these tapering weeks on the advice of my run coach. I have to tell you, this week feels like a piece of cake on the exercise front.

Today I could go hit the bike or the pool. But instead? I’m going to do something I very rarely do – I’m playing hooky. I’m going to take the kids to school and come right back home. Take a leisurely shower, maybe watch Oprah’s final show while tooling around on my new ipad. I’m going to take a chunk of this morning and NOT run errands or write copy or do chores or workout. I’m just going to relax in a quiet house all by myself.

Just a couple hours, nothing crazy – part of me feels guilty and another part of me feels lazy. But most of me? Most of me thinks a mini-break isn’t such a bad idea.


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