the trading of the girls

My oldest is in the magical world of Disney for an extended weekend trip. The trip is a gift from her Aunt & Uncle and she’s been waiting five long months to go. To say she was excited is an understatement. Part of this trip is also a gift for us left behind because we get to have an extended visit from my adorable nieces who are silly in the way that only three year olds and one year olds can be. As I woke up this morning, I couldn’t help but think of the differences in trading the 12yo for the 3yo and 1yo. Here’s what I’ve already noticed:

– 12yo apparently gets air sick on turbulent flights which is no fun, then again 1yo has messy diapers every day – or multiple times a day.

– 12yo requires waking up each morning in time for school and is not always the most pleasant morning person. 1yo wakes up all by herself by 6am and 1yo likes to snuggle for a few minutes.

– 12yo can take care of herself when she wakes up, 1yo and 3yo require a bit of assistance and care taking.

– 12yo can make her own lunch. 1yo and 3yo don’t just need lunch made, they need much of it cut into small pieces – I forgot how long it can take to prepare such lunches.

– 12yo sometimes carries quite the chip on her shoulder. 3yo walks around as if the world is her playground.

– 12yo understands a lot and when in the proper mood is quite the help around the house. 3yo asks why a lot and is the opposite of helpful, indeed the nightly cleaning of the toys reminded me just how much my kids have grown up.

We’ve got a fun day planned here – walking the big kids to school, going on a picnic lunch, watching J’s little league game tonight. We will bake things together and dig out the play doh and sidewalk chalk this weekend. It may not compare to spending the day at Universal Studios, riding on amazing rides and meeting Winnie the Pooh but hopefully the girls on this end of the trade will still enjoy themselves. And hopefully my girl on the other end will have memories to last a lifetime.


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