the week before the marathon

I keep trying to get myself wrapped up in the obligations of today and not think about the marathon that is just days away. Goodness knows there is a lot of ‘today’ to get wrapped up in – a messy house, floors to be mopped, closets to be switched to summer clothes, vacation preparation. But right now my days go like this…

Wake up, turn on the computer and check the weather. Then check the extended forecast for marathon day weather. Then curse at the forecast and check three other websites just in case one is more favorable than another.

Attempt to write copy only to have every fourth sentence be “I can’t believe I’m running a marathon this Saturday.”

Walk into the kitchen to get breakfast… marathon day is almost here… ignore the messy floor… marathon day is almost here…. pack lunches… marathon day is almost here… take kids to school… marathon… consider the fact that I don’t have to run any long training runs this week so I have lots more time on my hands to… think about the marathon.

It’s getting a little crazy. I really need Saturday to get here just so I can get it behind me.

Excuse me, I need to go check the weather forecast again.

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