it’s like Christmas around here

Who knew that when I signed up for a marathon I would be showered with such fun gifts & well-wishes? It’s enough to make these muscles of mine ache a bit less. I’ve worked so very, very hard this spring. I’ve overcome injuries and a body that is quite simply not made to run like this. And the craziest part? I’m itching to run on Saturday. Oh, I’m nervous… but I’m so ready to get this sucker done. I just hope to do my best to earn all these fun surprises:

I’ve received cupcakes to help me carb load 🙂

The UPS man delivered homemade, hand-designed Sunburst (the name of this race) cookies (my childhood friend should be a professional baker.)

I discovered a pedicure kit in my mailbox waiting to pamper my poor bruised & blistered toes.

I was surprised with a t-shirt that I will wear with pride after Saturday’s race.

And a shoe charm that will always remind me that with hard work and dedication and unbelievable support – I can do amazing things.

I have friends driving 80 miles and getting up before dawn just to cheer me on. I have family buying and cooking food to feed those friends while they wait for me to finish. I have received inspirational prayers and photo shows. I have sole sisters that are running so many miles that I will only be alone for 2 miles out of 26.2. I am humbled.

More than one person has told me that I am an inspiration to them. What they don’t realize is that by thinking that, they are inspiring me. I’ll be carrying a lot of good people in my thoughts as I pound out those miles Saturday.

They tell me I’m ready. We’re about to find out.

One thought on “it’s like Christmas around here

  1. You have some GREAT friends!!!
    Good luck this weekend.
    I can’t wait to hear the race report.
    But, remember, to enjoy the experience. It won’t always feel like you are enjoying yourself out there, but you are and you will because you have gotten here.

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