a love letter to my car

We flipped 100,000 miles on our return trip from last week’s vacation. One of the kids asked if that meant it was time to get a new car. Our response? Nope, as long as we take care of this one we’ve still got plenty of miles in it. That’s why we bought a Honda.

Six years ago when J was just a baby I had a crossover type vehicle. I liked it quite a bit when I just had two kids, there was an optional third row we could use when there were extras along for the ride. But that optional third row wasn’t a comfortable permanent seat once we had three kids to fit in the car. And putting all three in a row together along with their booster seats and car seats wasn’t working so well either. I knew it was time to cave in and buy the dreaded minivan.

As with most large purchases, I did a lot of research online. I narrowed down my choices to three types of minivans. I went to the closest dealers and drove them all in the same day so I could easily make comparisons. I decided to go with the Honda Odyssey because I liked the way it drove, I liked its “silly” extra features like all those cup holders and the secret snack compartment in the floor, and I knew that if I was getting a minivan it needed to last me for years and years. I was planning to drive this sucker into the ground. And if there is one car you can drive forever it’s a Honda.

I treat my car well. I do all of its needed maintenance in a timely fashion. And in return? This car has safely taken my family for more than 100,000 miles.

Dear Honda Odyssey,

Thank you for 100,000 miles of fun and adventure. You’ve never let us down and your seats are still comfortable. You lasted through that summer when I had to scrub you down at least 10 times to get rid of the nasty polish sausage smell. You’ve cleaned up nicely from countless bouts of car sickness. You have happily integrated millions of grains of sand into your interior.

You’ve got some bumps and bruises on the outside. That small scrape in the front from the flying tire piece on Interstate 264. The dent and scrape on the driver’s side from that parking garage pole at the Hoover Dam. The chipped side mirror from our very own garage doorway. But inside the engine, where it counts, you’re a trooper:

  • Thousands of miles on last year’s Great American Road trip through 10 states
  • Trips to and from Virginia Beach week for five years running
  • Day trips to fun cities and new adventures
  • Trips to practices and sporting events and family functions and the grocery store

All summer you are full of sand from our many trips to Lake Michigan. All winter you are full of sleds so we can hop in the car at a moments notice for snowy fun. Odyssey, you are exactly what we thought you would be when we bought you six years ago. And I’m looking forward to thousands more miles of future family adventures.



(In case you’re wondering, this post was certainly not compensated in anyway. After yet another safe trip to and from vacation, I’m just feeling a special bond with that vehicle that helps me take my children on so many, many new experiences. I really do like my Honda Odyssey that much.)


One thought on “a love letter to my car

  1. Our Honda Pilot is the same way.
    We are hoping for a grand tour of National Parks next summer….but with over 130,000 miles on it, it might need some tender loving care first.

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