the sleeping house

For the first summer ever, I’ve got a house full of children who all sleep past 8am. Some mothers would rejoice in this fact, however it’s driving me crazy. Oh – I enjoy the extra quiet time to get some work & writing done. But I’ve often got errands to run and workouts to do which are far easier done in the morning (so we can play in the afternoon) but I can’t go do those things until someone else is awake.

Take yesterday for example, my plan was to go out for a run, do a few quick errands and hit the grocery store before lunch. I was hoping to run no later than 8. But by 9:45 J was the only kid awake so I convinced him to wake his sister if he needed something and left. Then the kids had to go with me for the errands so by the time we got to the grocery store it was already noon and the kids were very impatient shoppers – I picked up the bare minimums and hightailed it home. That means I still have to find time to grocery shop today because we are running out of food.

I’m not letting them stay up outrageously late – E and J are in bed by 9ish most nights. But the 12yo has decided that bedtimes are silly and therefore tries to be the last one awake every night. As soon as she starts being grumpy in the morning, she has to start having a bedtime again. I’m predicting severe grumpiness to hit in about 20 minutes when I wake her up so she has time to eat before basketball workouts.

It’s ridiculous that nothing gets started around here until 9am or later. By 9am I am well into my day. I’m a morning person – what the heck happened to my morning kids?!?!?


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