Hello July, I hope you hang around for a while

Hello July,

I’m not sure where your cousin June went because it felt like she didn’t stay very long at all. Her 30 days just zoomed right past. She was full of action – a marathon, triathlon, last day of school, little league baseball, beach vacation, summer camps and more. I realized yesterday her visit was almost over and I grabbed just a few moments with her along the shores of my favorite Lake:

As always, Lake Michigan on a beautiful June day was worth the drive. Then a storm blew through and zoom – you’re here! You always come in with a bang one way or another – and even if there are no more thunderstorms this weekend we’ll hear plenty of booms from the fireworks.

We’re kicking off your visit with a very fun weekend filled with fun, friends and food. I hope you return our hospitality with some lovely summer weather. Before the month is out you’ll have been with us for more summer camps, a few day trips and the start of another summer family adventure.

I’m looking forward to visiting with you many afternoons by the pool and days at the beach. I’m planning plenty of cookouts in your honor. I’d appreciate a nice lingering visit because once your buddy August stops by, summer fun is almost done.

So here’s to a hot and fun-filled month, July! I’m happy to have you!


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