the holiday hangover

Today kind of feels like the day after Christmas – – minus all the wrapping paper, decorations and gifts to clean up. That’s how different the past three days have been. There have been parties every day (sometimes more than one). Everyone has stayed up far too late, consumed far too much sugar and eaten at completely random times. Today could get ugly.

I am a bit in awe that it’s already July. I keep waiting for the calm after the storm. We started our summer immediately with a big vacation and I keep thinking it’s going to slow down any day now. Any day now, we’ll really be able to dig into the summer learning themes I have planned each week. Any day now, we’ll be able to stay home all morning, get work done and then spend the afternoon at the pool. Any day now, I’ll break out the slip & slide and the kids will have water gun fights all afternoon because there’s nothing else planned to do. But that ‘any day’ just isn’t happening.

Maybe my family has moved past the time of lazy summer days and into a different kind of summer pace. It’s still a fun summer of course, but not quite the slow and easy summer of years past. And for once, it’s not because I’ve scheduled too much or tried to pack too many opportunities into our days. I’m going to try and pull on the reins a bit this week – we’ll see how it goes.


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