learning themes

Ask my kids what summer means and you’ll hear:
– swimming
– playing at Lake Michigan
– sleeping in
– vacations

Ask their mother what summer means and you’ll hear:
– a house full of children that make it very difficult to get any work projects or house cleaning done
– learning themes
– oh fine, and plenty of fun visits to the pool and Lake Michigan ๐Ÿ™‚

Ah – just because it’s summer doesn’t mean the learning completely stops! I am not militant about doing school work all summer but I do insist that some education keeps happening. Some of that education happens on our trips (you know I’m always looking for a good park ranger guided tour) but most of that education happens right here at home. This summer I’ve developed learning themes for each week.

Week one (after our beach vacation, I did at least give them one week of true vacation): Writing Week – J (6yo) had to journal at least 4 times during the week. The girls had to pick a topic that was of interest to them, research it with note-taking and then write a one page paper. K wrote about Disney World. E is still taking notes but will be finishing a paper about Niagara Falls soon.

Week two: Math Week – I had worksheets that came home in summer packets and others from the Internet that reinforced skills learned over the year.

Week three: Art Week – this was a fun one for everyone! Last week’s Chicago trip was planned around a family free day at the Art Institute just for this week’s learning theme. Their assignment? Pick a favorite style or artist and then come home and create a work of art inspired by that.

E combined two of her favorites to come up with this Picasso inspired sculpture.

J was most impressed by modern art with bright colors and geometric patterns. He combined that with some of his favorite Chicago landmarks – I guess the city was inspiring ๐Ÿ™‚

K hasn’t done this assignment yet partly because of her busy pre-teen social calendar and partly because she was getting things ready for her week away at summer camp. It’s okay, I’ll get something out of her later and she is doing arts & crafts every day this week at camp.

This is Week 4 and I’ve deemed it to be catch-up week. E and J each missed one of the daily math worksheets. E needs to finish that paper. Both kids at home will be writing letters to their big sister and hopefully K will write a letter or two home also.

The learning just never stops.

3 thoughts on “learning themes

    1. I will send it your way, Lyndsay! We’re going there on vacation in a couple weeks too and that’s what sparked her interest.

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