where has my motivation gone?

The past two weeks a whole new side of me has crept out every morning and I’m not so sure I appreciate her. A few examples:

Most mornings my radio alarm turns on at approx 5:40am. This time of year, the sun is already up. In fact, I’m often half awake before the radio turns on – just waiting for it to tell me that I really should get things started. But for the past couple of weeks, I reach over, turn off the radio and let myself doze off again for another 45 minutes to an hour.

Who is that?!?

It’s been six weeks since the marathon and yet I still have aches & pains that I’ve never had before. Tight tendons, creaky knees and even shin splints have popped up in the weeks since the marathon. Did I not rest enough right after? I gave myself three days off from anything and then the rest of that week did short runs or light workouts. I’m wondering now if my body needed more time – and now it’s taking its revenge.

I have to force myself to workout – I’m not sure this has ever happened to me before. When I do workout, my body hurts for days afterwards. I know that hasn’t happened before (except for actual sprained ankle type injuries). I have always been a morning workout person. I even enjoy my early morning, sun rising, solo runs. But for the past two weeks? I go on a five mile bike ride with J and decide that’s good enough. Or, even worse, I don’t do anything at all.

Who is that?!?!

I thought having a new triathlon coming up would inspire me to get my act together. But it’s not. I’m not motivated to get into a training routine. And, I’m going to be honest here, I’m afraid to. I’m afraid to push through the pain of training only to enter an event and have another epic fail.

Who is that?!?

Maybe I just need some time off to let my body and mind do whatever feels good for a while. But I don’t recognize who that person is either.


3 thoughts on “where has my motivation gone?

  1. It is hard, but it does sound like your body and mind need more time. I found that after my last marathon (well, actually a 1/2 marathon plus ambulance ride to the ER). And those aches and pains are probably telling you something. Sometimes it is hard to listen to those. But, in the long run, listening to your body, and not listening to any guilt, might just be the best thing.

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