now I know why they’re called the dog days of summer

The dog days of summer: the hottest, muggiest part of the year – typically occurring in July & August (at least in the Northern Hemisphere); see also: sultry and “it’s too hot to breathe outside”

I’d like to add my own definition…

The dog days of summer: that time of year where the kids have been out of school long enough so that the shine of free time has slightly dimmed. The excitement of being home with no structure has waned. The appeal of picking fights with your siblings all. the. time. is too strong to resist.

Yes, it’s the dog days of summer in all ways around here. I wouldn’t go so far as saying I’m ready for them to go back to school. That would be pushing time even faster than it already goes and summer is a precious time. However…

I’m ready for them to go back to school.

The drama. The teasing. The rolling of the eyes. It’s almost outweighing the joys of the splashing, the playing and the adventures. And when you have three children it seems that the combinations of who is fighting with who are endless.

These dog days are wearing me down and if something doesn’t change around here – it isn’t going to be pretty.


2 thoughts on “now I know why they’re called the dog days of summer

  1. Just threatened my kids,again, that if they keep it up I am checking them into the Y camp ALL DAY LONG, just to give me some peace and quiet. I am done with the fighting. Bring on the start of school.

  2. Oh I KNOW this!
    Luckily Violet tries to act like she doesn’t know the rest of us most of the time. But, the two boys have so many different things that they can argue about. And this is part of the reason that I refuse to stay in the house in the afternoons. This will be our 4th afternoon in a row in someone’s pool. Tomorrow, may have to be the beach. Even though they will argue all the way there and back. And they will probably argue while we are there, at least there are other kids and other things to argue about than when we are all trapped inside hiding from the heat 🙂

    Oh, and when Violet comes out of hiding she is just as good at disagreeing as the other two.

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