food thursday: the donut cake

Let’s say it’s July and you’ve got a birthday to celebrate. Let’s also say that you’re going thru a heat wave and have no desire to turn on the oven and make the kitchen hot. Let’s further say that the birthday girl loves donuts. Well – if any of those situations apply, I’ve got the birthday cake idea for you:

How did I do it? I ordered 3 dozen donuts (if the actual age being celebrated is a number that works for your guest count, it would be a nice touch to use that number of donuts). Then I stacked the donuts in alternating rows in a pyramid-like shape.

Could it have looked more birthday-cake like? Yes, but it was still very festive and ridiculously easy to assemble and serve. Now, I’ve got ideas in my head that involve different shaped donuts… different colors of frosting… perhaps some strategically placed popsicle sticks to help with the shape… The possibilities are both endless and yummy!


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