oh what a difference 5 months makes

Five months ago my yard looked like this:

This week it is so hot that it hurts to breathe the outside air and I sweat walking out to get the mail. And yet, the challenges of these two extremes in weather are similar:

  • Kids only play outside for 10-20 minutes at a time.
  • They require a lot of gear to play outside – coats, hats, mittens & boots in Feb; swimsuits, water guns and/or goggles in July.
  • The kids come in from playing and are begging me to make a refreshing drink. (hot chocolate in Feb, lemonade in July)

Extreme weather makes everyone out of sorts – whether it’s ridiculously hot or freezing cold. This week, the weather has definitely changed our routines. We keep the curtains closed so the sun doesn’t heat up rooms. I scrapped our planned Chicago trip in favor of finding a pool for swimming. In fact, I’ve taken those kids swimming every day this week. I was going to take the kids blueberry picking but there’s no way I’m sweating my way through those complaints for fruit. I was hoping for a beach day today but I’m not sure any of us want to sit on the smokin’ hot sand in 100 degree temps that “feel like 115.”

I like summer. I like the way a pool or lake feels on a hot, hot day. I like the feel of sun on my skin. I also like snow and the way it covers everything in a blanket of sparking, white. I like the feel of walking into a cozy warm house on a freezing cold day. I like the feel of falling snowflakes.

I like seasons 🙂 And even when the weather gets so extreme that it changes my plans, I like the variety of living in a place that has four distinct times of year.


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