yet another reason to love the Internet

Thanks to the mysterious workings and connections of the Internet – I get to have dinner with my cousins while we’re on our vacation this weekend (a vacation I’ll tell you all about later). We haven’t seen these cousins in approx two years which makes it an even nicer bonus. The way it all fell together is a testament to how awesome the Internet is:

1. Sunday night I posted a book review on my favorite book tracking/reviewing website ( – if you’re a member too, look me up and we can be book buddies). This book review was about a short biography of Frank Lloyd Wright. I was reading the biography in preparation for our vacation because we’ll be touring one of his most famous houses: Falling Waters. I mentioned all of that in my review.

2. My cousin is one of my book buddies and saw my review on Monday. She then posted a question asking when we’re going to be in Pennsylvania.

3. I knew this cousin lived in PA but was not quite sure where. I pulled her up on Facebook and shared our itinerary. Turns out that our Saturday night hotel is only 30 minutes from their house.

4. We exchanged pertinent details via email and now have a dinner date!

Reason #2,785 why I love the Internet!


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