battle of determination over body

I’m at it again. Fighting the good fight against a body that seems to want to be sick when I have no time for it to be sick. It all started Tuesday night when I felt a migraine coming on. I did what I always do and took my migraine meds but by noon on Wed it was obvious that this was no ordinary migraine. I went to the chiropractor to get an adjustment but all that did was lessen some of the stabbing. I called my doctor and got new medicine which did indeed muffle the headache. However, that medicine knocked me for a loop.

I slept all day Thursday – and if I wasn’t sleeping I was sweating and trying to decide if I needed to dash to the bathroom. I decided it was time to knock off the super drug and by dinner time was starting to feel somewhat normal. I made dinner. I even ate dinner. And had a semi-normal evening with just a hint of a headache.

Then I tried to sleep. And then the headache laughed at my ibuprofen. And 4am found me on the couch crying with each stabbing pain that moved across my head every 4-10 seconds. I’m now wide awake but I can’t stop sweating and the headache won’t stop stabbing.

And we’re supposed to leave on vacation in a couple of hours.

I don’t know what to do. I’m not cancelling our plans. If I take the big meds I am afraid I’ll be car sick and I certainly won’t be in any condition to drive. If I don’t take the big meds I’m apparently reduced to a whimpering fool who winces in pain constantly. Usually I can just push past pain or illness and get on with things. This? This is about the most crippling pain I’ve ever felt. I can’t ignore it. It was supposed to be gone by now. I gave into the pain for nearly two whole days. I even gave up a trip to see my college roommate who is on vacation just an hour away. My body is supposed to thank me for that unusual rest period by feeling back to normal now.

I’m not a complainer, really I’m not, I am just a mother who is short on sleep and can’t shake a ridiculous headache to take her family on a vacation we’ve been talking about all year. So Internet friends of mine, if you have any sway with the headache powers that be, I’d appreciate your good thoughts. This has officially gotten ugly.


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