Ten days to go

The summer of 2011 is on it’s last legs around here. Oh, there will still be summer weather for a while but we’ll only be participating in summer activities on the weekends. School starts in ten days. Some years I’m sad that school is starting. Some years the first day can’t get here fast enough. This year… I feel the timing is just about right.

We had a lot of fun this summer. We took long trips and short trips. We spent time in the city and on the beach. We soaked up a lot of hours at the pool. We had plenty of days where the schedule was open and relaxed and I tried my best to say yes to most any request on those days – that made for some extra trips to the pool and a fair amount of sleepovers. We had days that were very scheduled, but usually scheduled with fun things to do. We had bike rides and walks after dinner. We had fireworks and at least one boat ride. I honestly feel that we did just about everything you should do during the summer.

I can also tell summer is coming to an end by watching my children. Suddenly, if given the choice they would watch television or play on the computer all day. The lure of the sprinkler in the backyard or the water gun fights or the sidewalk chalk has waned. They are not always jumping for joy when I ask who wants to go swimming. They have gotten lazy and bored.

I have a few more things up my sleeve these last eight days. We’ll be driving south for a day trip to the Indiana State Fair (wahoo!) and we’ll be driving to the city for a Museum trip that we kept saving for a rainy day… a rainy day that never came and now I’m determined to squeeze it in. I’d like to take one more beach day – though I’m hopeful we’ll have a few more of those on the weekends. But we’ll also spend these last eight days buying school supplies and getting back packs ready and moving towards an earlier bedtime.

It’s time. This is the first year that all my children will be in school all day long. It’s a big milestone I’m passing as a mother, but I’m ready and more importantly – so are they.


One thought on “Ten days to go

  1. My kids are at that point too. One of them even said yesterday, “you know, I am getting kind of tired of swimming all the time.” What???

    But, we have two broken computers and a broken wii, so they are having to find other things to do for their last couple weeks. I know!!! What??

    Mine where all in school all day last year, but 1st grade just seems so much….bigger. And he still seems so small.

    Enjoy the rest of your eight days!

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