the light at the end of the tunnel

The past month or so I’ve let near chaos reign in the house. Shoes are piled so high it takes the kids an extra three minutes to find a matching pair so we can leave the house (unless you’re a 6yo boy, in which case you purposely wear two different shoes and think it’s cool). The dust on the furniture is thick. The laundry is barely caught up. Work projects are being done at odd hours of the day and taking far longer than they normally do.

The other side of this coin is that my kids have been to the pool a LOT in the past month. We’ve been to Chicago a couple times. We’ve been to the beach, on vacation, out to lunch, on hikes, to the movies…

we’ve been having a great summer.

But it’s time. I’m developing a nervous tic when I think of all the organizing and cleaning that needs to happen. I have work deadlines looming. I’m not sleeping well because I’m thinking of all the stuff I should be doing. Toss in a couple of kids who have decided their greatest purpose in life is to fight with each other these last few days and you’ve got a mom who is ready for school to start.

Don’t worry – I’m not pushing them out the door. We’ve done something fun every day this week – and we’re heading to Chicago again today. But Thursday (tomorrow, the first day of school) has been my light at the end of the tunnel.

Thursday is the day I start to gain control.

Thursday is the day I catch up on work projects.

Thursday is the day I can run errands quickly & efficiently.

Thursday, I will take my annual first day of school pictures. I will make back to school waffles. I will share in the excitement of my 7th grader, 5th grader and 1st grader – yep, all three kids in school all day long. I will pause for just a moment to recognize the passage of time. And then I will hurry home and bring order back to my world.


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