plain jane or funky monkey?

I scored my first-ever thrift store find yesterday (thanks to my friend Lisa who volunteers at the shop). It’s a cute table with four chairs that fits just right in my front room – the room I am redesigning to be a homework area.

Even better, I got it for $35!! I brought it home, tightened up all the leg bolts and put it in place. It needs a coat of paint because it’s fairly dinged up and dirty but since I spent such a small amount on it, I don’t feel bad chipping in a bit extra for a quart of paint. The question floating around the house now is what color to paint it?!?

I was originally thinking I’d just get some white paint. It’s already white and it looks cute that way. Easy, right? But then the oldest suggested I get more creative. At first I blew her off but now I’m thinking… it might be fun to have a bright, funky table to cheerfully greet people as they enter my home.

Lime green with white chairs & maybe some polka dotted seat covers?


Perhaps a white table and then paint each chair a different color?


Maybe a light purple table with orange chairs?


A blue table with two red chairs and two yellow chairs?

The options are practically endless!! What do you think – should I keep it plain white or should I go crazy and make it a fun space for the kids. Fun colors would match the artwork on the walls 🙂


9 thoughts on “plain jane or funky monkey?

  1. Lime green! Leave the chairs white but do seat covers. I just bought hot pink with white polka dots fabric at WalMart that would be super fun to match with lime green.

  2. Definitely go crazy and make it funky. ALL different colors, one for each chair – maybe each kiddo can pick his/her color. Another idea is to paint the top with chalk board paint. (Aw, man. Now I want at table and chairs to paint. OOH. We have a boring set in our kitchen. Maybe Dwight will let me go crazy with that. 😉

    Have FUN!

  3. Oh Barb how fun! Mary Ann (another co-worker of ours) has an idea for the table maybe a lighter shade of lime green and then bright colors for the chairs: purple, orange, red and turquoise. Chair covers maybe stripes. you will HAVE to post a picture once it’s finished. Can’t wait to see how it turns out.

  4. I love the dining set! That is exactly what I’m looking for for my own kitchen right now. A thrift store find would be perfect to use until Munchie is done with crayons and markers and other messy craft stuff.
    I like the idea of having the kids each choose a color for their own chair. And I kind of like the idea of keeping the table white. Let the chairs be the accent.
    Can’t wait to see the “after” pictures!

  5. You inspired me to take my own table and productive. Chalkboard paint on the top and bright white legs. The chairs are on their own because I am not painting spindles!LOL If you opt out of the chalkboard top I would do everything White then each chaor pad in different patterns with the same color scheme! Jo-anns has the best selection for fun patterns and colors. and the best part is when you get tired of those then you can just redo the chair covers! hahaha

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