things we should do more often

Sunday afternoon we took the kids out to lunch and then to a nearby nature preserve with trails. We spent 90 minutes walking trails, looking at the creek, noticing flowers and butterflies, talking about what animals live there. It was a beautiful day in so many ways. We got the kids out of the house. We did something physical together as a family. We spent some quality time. We ate ice cream 🙂 It wasn’t a big deal and it wasn’t a far trip but it was a really nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon. As I fell asleep last night I couldn’t help but wonder why we don’t do things like that more often.

Well, I updated our September dry erase calendar last night so I *know* why we don’t do things like that more often. But honestly, we need to find the time for these sorts of things:

– Hikes: there are some great local trails. It gets everyone moving, out of the house and – hopefully – talking too.

– Trips to the city: I’d love for us to take more trips into Chicago, especially on weekends where we can go to Mass on Saturday because a Sunday morning/early afternoon is easy-paced in the city.

– Ice cream surprises: and not just because I like Dairy Queen – taking the kids out for a treat is fun and gets them talking

There are other things – movies, trips to the beach, afternoons playing at the Y… I just want to see us getting out of the house on Sundays for something that isn’t a kid’s sporting event and does involve the whole family. I want some more active family time.


2 thoughts on “things we should do more often

  1. That family calendar….that is exactly why those moments are so few and far between. But, better to have some than none. And they whether was especially awesome this weekend.

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