Signing my own permission slip

On this nicely placed long holiday weekend I gave myself permission to do a few things out of character:

– I ignored the laundry and read a book
– I made leftovers for dinner because it was quick and easy
– I enjoyed the sounds heard when the tv is not on for an entire day
– I let the oldest skip church in favor of a last weekend of summer fling with her friend at her friend’s family lake house
– I bought a bunch of music on iTunes even though I didn’t have a gift card
– I slept until 8am today and listened to the rain from lake effect rain showers instead of going on an early run or working

I gave myself permission to shirk a few things and embrace a few others. I didn’t go anywhere but it has been just the vacation I needed.


2 thoughts on “Signing my own permission slip

  1. We tried to keep the TV off all day. It lasted until about 12:30. (lame)

    I laughed at your iTunes comment – it’s a big deal for me to do that without a gift card too!

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