the shift in weather

The weather did a 180 this weekend. Friday it was so hot that heat advisories were issued – it was miserable hot, 90+ degrees at 9am hot. Then Monday came along and the temp never broke 65 degrees. It was breezy and distinctly fall-like. Somewhat ironic for what is considered the “last weekend of summer” because over the course of that weekend it certainly felt like summer was over.

The change in weather brought a change in some attitudes as well. My children, who have yet to complain about homework, were not pleased about their school assignments this weekend. It’s as if the weather made them realize that they are in this for the long haul. No more pretending you’re playing at school and having summer as soon as you get home.

The change in weather had a different effect on me. I LOVE this fall weather. I’m well aware that we’ll have handful of summer-like days this month (on which I hope to sneak out to the beach). I am not packing away the shorts just yet but I can’t get enough of these crisp, fall days. Days like this make me want to…

– bake: breads, muffins, cookies… I have an urge to bake every day
– make comfort foods: last night we had pot roast for dinner, tonight chicken noodle soup (probably with fresh, homemade bread)
– clean: I don’t really buy the spring cleaning notion. When the weather finally shifts away from winter all I want to do is be outside. But fall weather brings me back in, opens the windows and makes me want to clear some cobwebs.
– run forever: I ran yesterday and for the first time in months wasn’t counting the minutes until I could stop. I didn’t feel overwhelmed by heat. I didn’t have a hard time breathing. It was the best 5 miles I’ve had in a long time.
– read: Aside from that urge to clean & reorganize, I have an opposing urge to curl up with a blanket and read the day away.

60-70 degrees. Sunshine, sometimes with clouds blowing across the blue sky. Soon enough a change in leaf color. These days are the best days of the year! (even if I do have to listen to complaints about homework)


3 thoughts on “the shift in weather

  1. I complain about being too cold all winter, so make a specific point NOT to EVER complain about the heat. And I don’t. I love summer. But this year (because the summer has been amazing!) I’ve kinda had my fill of it. We had a cool, rainy day this weekend too and it was FUN pulling on my jeans and long sleeves and making a hot cup of tea.

    (I will totally regret this in February.)

  2. I baked cookies AND muffins yesterday. Strange.
    And I do love fall….but will miss summer. But, since I am at work all day anyway, and I don’t love running, or watching my kids have to run in the heat, it might as well cool off around here πŸ™‚

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