Friday is not my friend

I have been in denial all week about the scratchy throat. Just because all three kids have had a cold doesn’t mean I will get the cold. I’ve been sucking on zinc and moving through the day pretending nothing is wrong. Yesterday, I started to admit that I might have a head cold. Last night, the head cold didn’t give me a choice. Miserable, stupid, head cold. I literally saw every hour on the clock last night – I’m not convinced I got 3 hours of sleep all added up together and certainly not more than 60 minutes of consecutive sleep.

I took my car in for an oil change & tire rotation yesterday. Last night when I ran out in the garage to get something I noticed that one of the tires looks awfully low. It still does this morning so at some point I have to take it back. If I do it early I can run home (which is always fun with a head cold) but then I won’t have a car to pick up the 10yo from middle school and drive her to elementary school for the rest of her day. If I wait to take it later, well I won’t be home later…

At 9am I’m getting on a bus filled with excited first graders and going on a field trip. A field trip to an apple orchard. The day after it rained nearly all day. And it’s supposed to rain more today. Who the hell let me break my ban on field trips?!?

When I get home from what I’m certain will be a lovely day walking in the wet grass, waving off the bees and monitoring 6 year old boys – I get to try and cram in five hours of work into less than two hours.

Before the day is over I will also have 8 girls ranging in age from 8 to 11 here for a 90 minute cheer practice.

Seriously?!? Who did I tick off in the universe?


4 thoughts on “Friday is not my friend

  1. I hope you survived.
    I hope you get some sleep tonight (try nasal spray…awesome)
    I hope your tire was easily fixable
    I hope you didn’t get to wet.
    I hope you get a nice stiff drink tonight.

    1. I like your hopes 🙂

      I did survive
      the tire ‘seems’ to be fixed but the guy at the tire place told me to watch it for a day or two
      I did not get wet, just muddy
      Counting the minutes to my drink

  2. I hope the apple orchard was worth it! I’m from ‘the region’ area (La Porte) and I do miss those orchards up there. I’m headed home next weekend for a wedding and may have to hit up the local orchard for some apples for a couple pies. Plus, the fiance really needs to see what an Indiana orchard is like 🙂

    1. I like the apple orchards up here too – just prefer them with a smaller group of kids 😉

      The apples are delicious. The apple cinnamon donuts even better! Hope your trip home is a good one!

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