a *running* commentary

I ran yesterday. I run nearly every Monday so there’s nothing unusual about that. However, yesterday I decided to turn left instead of right… when I go out the north entrance of my neighborhood I never turn left, never. I never turn left because there are constant, rolling hills to the left. But the run was a short one – three miles – I could do hills for three miles!

First mile…
– feels good, you can tell it’s going to be hot today but there’s a nice breeze and it doesn’t feel bad in the shade at all.
– hit a string of some of the new songs I just bought for my ipod… I’m going to sing along (but quietly) don’t want anyone to think I’m too crazy

Second mile…
– ugh, that was a long hill to push up
– okay there’s the first entrance to that neighborhood, I’ve never driven through that neighborhood but I’m pretty sure it’s a big U shape so I’ll keep going to the second entrance and then wind my way through the subdivision on my way home, new houses – new scenery – new distractions from these hills!
– there’s a 2nd street… is that the 2nd entrance?? I don’t think so… keep going…
– there’s a 3rd street, must be the 2nd entrance but wait – that sign says a different subdivison name… time to backtrack to the 2nd street…
– 2nd street starts with a hill – of course – push. to. the. top of the hill and… damn, this is a dead end road. A pretty dead end but obviously not the 2nd entrance… back out to that 3rd street

Third mile…
– okay, this must be the same neighborhood… I’ll just veer to the left so I’m heading in the right general direction…
– damn! Another steep hill but there’s a person back there walking her dog and she’s wearing a triathlon race t-shirt so I can’t walk because she can see me. Run… pump those arms… get. to. the. top. Ugh!
– whew, these hills are making my shin splint flare up
– deep breath… ahh… these houses are nice back here, big yards, huge trees, plenty to look at…
– uh-oh a fork in the road and both head in the same general direction… I’ll…. pick….. left!

Fourth mile….
– so much for my quick three mile run!
– this whole street is filled with #!@$! rolling hills… if I picked the wrong street back there I’m going to yell out loud.
– distract yourself… look at the pretty houses…
– oh, I think I see the main cross road ahead – I think picked the right street!
– it IS the cross road – wahoo! pick up the pace, it’s downhill from here!
– ahhh… new pavement feels good
– feeling strong, I can do hills every once in a while! And an extra mile on the training schedule is okay. That was a pretty run course.


4 thoughts on “a *running* commentary

  1. Ha, I’ve done this too, but in my confusion cut my run short. THAT ticked me off, because then I needed to do loops around my own neighborhood to hit my target.

    At least you got a great workout!

  2. I love running different routes. It always seems to make the run go by faster.
    Unfortunately, most of my routes are running loops around my subdivision in the dark and my only excitement is running the streets in a different order on occasion to spice things up a bit 😉

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