Breakfast Book: How to Train Your Dragon

I’m down to one listener at the breakfast table these days and he’s the one that already is read to multiple times a day. Sigh… I miss having all of them around the table. Even when the oldest pretended to not listen, I liked having an opportunity for all of them to hear a story read aloud. Even though my audience has dwindled the goal is still a worthy one so on we go! (and sometimes when everything falls into place, I get to read stories out loud to all three kids at lunch on the weekends – sometimes they even request it!)

My reading companion J is 6yo (but his birthday is in 16 days so really he’s almost 7). At night we are reading Harry Potter or story books – depending on his mood. In the morning we are reading Cressida Cowell’s How to Train Your Dragon series.

I will give you our review of the first book here but may save the other books for a group review at the end. They are reasonably short reads – I think it took us two weeks to read the first (we read for about 15 minutes most mornings). They are also reasonably funny reads. Honestly, the thing that took me most by surprise in these books was their slightly sarcastic humor and usually J catches it too. The books make no secret that most Vikings aren’t the sharpest pencils in the box. But don’t worry, our hero Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the Third makes up for it.

The second thing that surprised us about this book is how it is completely different from the movie. We like the movie in this house and we also enjoyed the book – but they are almost entirely different tales. In the book, Hiccup has a tiny dragon (all the dragons are approximately the size of dogs but Hiccup’s is even smaller than normal). His dragon is far from obedient and causes all sorts of trouble but ultimately, turns out to be a pretty loyal companion – and that is apparently saying a lot about a dragon. The story has some silly parts, some exciting parts and just enough gross parts to keep a 6 (almost 7!) year old boy enthralled. We very much enjoyed the story. What does J have to say about it?

J’s comments: I give this book a B+. ‘A’ grades are only for the best books ever and this isn’t one of the best books ever but it’s really funny and I did really like the story. My favorite part is the big battle at the end with the Seadragonus Giganticus Maximus and how he explodes all over the place! That was really gross (he says with a huge smile on his face).

We’re already halfway through the next book in this series, How to Be A Pirate, and it is just as fun to read as the first. I think the reading level on these makes them great for a 2nd/3rd grade reader to read on their own – there are silly illustrations too. The ‘official’ reading level is ages 8-12 (maybe a little on the high end, then again I’m definitely over 12 and I am enjoying them). Fun series!

What is the Breakfast Book idea? I believe there’s value in reading aloud to my kids at all ages. I used to read aloud to them at night. But as they got older their bedtimes got staggered, practices and homework happened and sitting down together to read to all of them wasn’t happening. I decided to try reading a chapter to them all during breakfast and it has been a big success in many ways. Want to see all our book selections so far? Click on the Breakfast Book category on the right side of this page.


3 thoughts on “Breakfast Book: How to Train Your Dragon

  1. Hmmm… I remember telling you how I LOVE this idea (and I do!) and that I was planning to set my alarm 10 minutes earlier so that we would have time to do this in the morning… but see, it’s dark out when I wake up and kind of chilly and the bed is so warm and I’m just so tired and…

    … I still need to start doing this.

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