Grabbing some small moments of grace

This week is like a whirlwind. Who am I kidding – most weeks of the school year are like a whirlwind. Three active kids requires some coordination and a lot of running around on top of normal errands and work and triathlon training. I’ve been tired all week. I’m not sure I see a spot of resting on the weekend either. I might have a window of rest next Sunday afternoon after my triathlon… then again, whether I have it or not I’m likely to need some rest after my triathlon.

Before I start yet another day of carpooling and lunch packing and working and everything else, I’d like to stop. Take a deep breath (go ahead take one with me, it’s Friday and you’ve probably had a busy week too). – – – – – And now let’s look back at the week to grab the small moments of grace that were determined to pop up in the chaos. This week I found grace in:

– helping my 6yo write a book (even if it was about vampires)
– watching my 12yo head off to her first swim practice of the year and instead of coming home grouchy, she came home with goals for the season
– the time and energy for a mini-tri workout (.5 mile swim, 6 miles on the bike, 1.6 mile run)
– cooler temperatures – lovely for running, walking to school and playing outside
– getting to be the mystery reader for my son’s 1st grade class
– lunch with a friend
– seeing a newborn baby
– the incredibly full moon

There, now I feel like my pace has slowed down just a bit. I’m ready to follow today’s reflection which said: “But you, man of God, avoid all this. Instead, pursue righteousness, devotion, faith, love, patience, and gentleness.” That shouldn’t be a restriction – just a reminder to focus on what’s important. (even if what’s important is getting my kids to school on time) Hope you find your grace and your focus.


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