Apparently our tooth fairy is stingy

The tooth fairy paid a visit last night. The 6yo lost one of his very loose front teeth (I’m so hoping the other one falls out soon and that school pictures immediately follow). We had a blue tooth fairy make the rounds and she (or he I suppose) left 75 cents.

Come on, your tooth fairy doesn’t leave a trail of fairy dust?!?

I asked some of my Twitter friends to help remind the tooth fairy (because when she forgets it’s ugly in the morning) and one of them said the tooth fairy was just at their house and left $5. W-o-w! $5 for a tooth!! In our house you get $1 for the first tooth and then random amounts between 50 cents and a dollar thereafter. Why the random amount? Because the consistent tally from the tooth fairy is what tipped off my oldest to the whole myth… the tooth fairy, then santa and then the Easter bunny all took a tumble one spring day. My oldest had been taking a poll at school about the amount received per tooth and learned that each child had a different amount, but that each child always received the same amount. From that she deduced that parents must be the tooth fairy. (And today that child skips a grade in math, don’t try to pull anything involving numbers over on her!)

So in an effort to keep the magic going, I don’t leave the same amount. Different fairies – as proven by different colored dust – leave different amounts. I know a lot of parents that give a $1 per tooth and perhaps more for the first tooth, but now I’m wondering. Is my tooth fairy stingy? Should she be filling the piggy banks a little more with each visit? What does she leave at your house?


4 thoughts on “Apparently our tooth fairy is stingy

  1. Thanks to my wonderful friends, our tooth fairy also leaves fairly dust. It’s a big hit! šŸ™‚

    Our tooth fairy always leave $2 in “rare” currency – a $2 bill or 2 $1 coins. Sometimes the tooth fairy slips in a candy bar, too, because she/he is hoping to make more teeth fall out. One time, we even found some fairy dust next to his brother’s bed, too, and his brother found candy (no $) under his pillow. That was the BEST morning ever. O doesn’t believe in the tooth fairy anymore (Did he ever? Who knows.) but last tme, the tooth fairy brought him an origami set that he/she found and had been waiting for an excuse to give him.

    In summary… I believe our tooth fairy is schizophrenic.

  2. Ours leaves whatever. Truly, whatever. Sometimes a video thats been in storage or a trinket, books, but the favorite is always money. The first tooth gets more but after .. a dollar or two usually is it. Unless there is no cash.. then it is a pile of random change. A PILE is more than ONE dollar… get what I mean…even if that pile =$1. This , of course, works best when they can’t quite grasp that concept yet. Maybe a coupon to go to DQ? or packet of those $coupons from mcd’s? A treat is a treat…lol

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