oh Internet how I’ve missed you

Wednesday morning I woke up bright (actually dark this time of year) and early. Turned on my computer and… had no Internet connection. Looked under the desk and all the lights on the modem were dark except the power button. Uh-oh. Quickly confirmed no phone or television and settled in for what I hoped would just be a painful morning.

It turned out to be a painful day. Oh Internet/cable/phone I missed your…

  • Income generating services (no work = no money).
  • Funny, distracting humor when I needed a break.
  • Updates on the weather forecast. I have a race this weekend so you know I’m starting to obsess about the forecast.
  • Ease of communication. Using my cell phone to call my voice mail to see if anyone had called was ridiculous.
  • My DVR recordings. Sigh… during the week some of my favorite shows premiered.

I will freely admit I missed the Internet most of all. It drives me insane to be so unconnected.

On the flip side, J and I had some great games of Battleship after homework was done 🙂

See below for this week’s recipe post. It’s a gooey, yummy, delicious fall treat.


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