of thunderstorms and wet suits

For some reason this week I haven’t been sleeping well. On top of that I’ve been staying up too late so in general I’m short on sleep. This weekend I’ll be waking up before 5am both days. Once to wake up K to catch the bus for her cross country trip (in case you’re wondering, it’s not likely to be a pleasant early morning experience). On Sunday I’ll be in the car by 5:15am to drive myself to Potato Creek State Park for my triathlon.

This will be the first time I’ve done a big race (big meaning hard/challenging not big in size) by myself. There are valid reasons why none of my usual gang of friends can come along but it’s still going to be a little weird. I’ll have about 90 minutes in the car to myself in which I’ll listen to a playlist that will hopefully pump me up and try not to obsess about:

1. My bag: when I run I just have to remember my shoes – sometimes a water belt and some energy gel. When I do a tri I have to remember goggles, towel, bike helmet, bike, shoes, clothes to put on after the swim, water, gels… There’s a good chance I’ll check my race bag approx 22 times before Sunday morning.

2. My bike: this is always my weakest leg of the triathlon. I’ve been working on it much harder this time and I’ve got some positive results to show – I’m averaging 2.5 mph faster than I was last year during the race. I was also sick during last year’s race with a disgusting head cold. Which brings me to…

3. My health: The kids are all walking around in various states of sniffing. What if I wake up Sunday morning and I’ve got something dragging me down too? How many immunity boosting tricks can I try between now and Sunday???

4. The weather: the forecast has gone from okay: cloudy with a slight chance of rain, highs in the 60s. To worse: 50% chance of thunderstorms. Plus there is a chance of rain all weekend so the trail run is going to be slick and muddy. I’m also a little worried about the bike leg on wet roads. Or worse yet, having the weather cancel a race I’ve trained hard for when there are no other triathlons on the calendar any time soon.

5. The water temp: It’s a relatively shallow lake that we’re swimming in – I think it’s only 15 feet deep at its deepest. So it holds it’s summer warmth for quite a while. Right now the water temp is reported at 68 degrees, which is far from warm but won’t feel too bad because it will be approx 40 degrees at the start. Oh, and did I mention I don’t have a wet suit? I’ll be standing in the sand in my swim suit shivering while waiting to jump in a lake that isn’t even 70 degrees. (A friend may have a wet suit I can borrow which will help but then of course I’ll be obsessing about how long it will take me to peel it off in the first transition.)

Sigh… it could be a long car ride. Is that a tickle in my throat??


2 thoughts on “of thunderstorms and wet suits

  1. Um brrrr. That swimming scenario does not sound like fun to me.

    GOOD LUCK! I hope it all works out! I’ll be sending my best ‘partly sunny, no rain, warm water, no slippery-ness’ vibes your way!

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