thoughts running through my head

It’s Monday and I had the sort of weekend that was very fun but felt like I never sat down. Consequently, my thoughts are a bit scattered today. I know I’ve got a lot going on but I can’t quite get it all in order. It’s time for a list.

– I tucked in a very tired birthday boy last night. His actual birthday on Friday included tickets to the Blackhawks game. Saturday we had people over so he was up late. Sunday he had to get up early for religious education and then all day long – literally – he had his family birthday party. He told me it was one of his best birthdays ever as he very quickly faded away.

– Normally our house is filled with family for the family birthday party but this year the timing wasn’t good and we were looking at a somewhat empty turnout for my son. I decided it was time to invite the friends that feel like family and I’m so glad I did. Having them here made the day so much fun for J. We are so very lucky to have these friends.

– I’m back on the training wagon this week. Last week I gave myself a break on working out. I legitimately needed some rest after last Sunday’s triathlon and the rest of the week I just took whatever opportunities came my way. I was planning a long run for Friday but at mile 2 I twisted my ankle and decided the smart thing to do was stop. I’m hoping this week’s runs aren’t miserable because of last week’s relaxed effort.

– I have ingredients in the house for a new soup that I’d like to make but I’m afraid that no one will like it. Do I roll the dice and make it anyway or figure out another use for said ingredients?

– Our wedding anniversary is this weekend. I’ll be celebrating 17 years while tailgating at a Notre Dame game. That says a lot about our marriage in many ways – and none of them are bad.

– This week might be the most perfect week of weather in Northern Indiana. It’s supposed to be 72 and sunny every single day. I’m staring at my calendar trying to see if there’s a day I can move my run to the beach so I can soak in some Lake Michigan.

– Speaking of Lake Michigan. K had a cross country meet just 15 minutes away from our favorite beach. I ended up being the only one at the meet and knowing the other two were well taken care of, decided to surprise K with a quick beach walk. We walked along the shore for about 30 minutes as the sun sank in the sky. It was the one window of last week that wasn’t wet & miserable and I’m so happy we took that bit of extra time and had it all to ourselves.

It’s time to make another kind of list or I won’t get a thing done today.


2 thoughts on “thoughts running through my head

  1. Sounds like you had a great weekend! I miss not living so close to Lake Michigan anymore. When I was growing up there, I never really appreciated how beautiful it is.

  2. I am looking forward to the weather this week. I was really really cold this weekend.
    At the same time, I get itchy when the weather goes back and forth on my like this. Like I cant’ figure out what’s going on.

    Congrats on the anniversary!! I hope that ND completes the day for you.

    And what soup? I made Butternut Squash soup last week, even though I am really the only one in my house that likes it. Although my husband will eat it, now. At first he was very suspicious of it.

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