This week in numbers

3 bananas sitting on the counter, taunting me with how perfect they are for baking.

3 children with a schedule that filled this week’s calendar far too full to even think about baking.

8 miles scheduled for today’s run – that’s the longest I’ve run since marathon month.

440 miles I’ll be driving in my car this weekend.

2 football games I’ll be attending that is causing all that driving. 1 on the beautiful campus of Notre Dame and the other in downtown Indianapolis.

8 girls that will be at my house full of giggles and squeals and other girly noises for tonight’s cheer leading practice.

9 drinks I may consume after said practice.

4 loads of laundry cleaned, folded & put away yesterday.

5 more loads waiting for me today.

12 college football pennants that my 7yo received for his birthday last week and that I’m determined to hang up in his room before he gets home from school today.

14 pages of content I have to finish for a client before I can do any room decorating.

3 good morning hugs that will be distributed in a few minutes – well hopefully 2 in a few minutes with 1 delayed for some extra sleep.

2 lunches that need to be packed shortly after hugs.

17 years of marriage that will be celebrated tomorrow – we’ll raise a toast while tailgating.


2 thoughts on “This week in numbers

  1. That’s a lot of numbers! Good luck on your 8 mile run today – you’ll do great. Have a fabulous time at the ND game and Happy Anniversary!!!

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